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Children's Wallpaper & Wall Murals - Spider-Man_4

  • PRODUCT ID: TC-10196 In stock
  • PRICE: €20/m2
  • Printing technology: Latex Print HP
  • Production time: 7-14 working days
  • - Wallpaper after printing can vary insignificantly from sample to color or hue.
  • Reting:  

  • - All wallpapers shown on the site are printed on a firm order, according to the customer's size, the chosen image and the desired texture..
    - We use high-quality materials, an ecological Latex Ink Cartridge that delivers superior image quality.

    - If you have not found an image or want to print something on your wallpaper please send us a mail: info@fototapet.art
    It can print any image on the 6 textures available: canvas, sand, fresco, vitello, oilbrush and plaster.

    - The wallpaper has high density and high quality in 3 layers: vinyl, paper support and a textured top layer.

    -The possibility of optimizing the number of rollers and implicitly of joints depending on the wall dimensions and the customer's request, it is possible to mount the wallpaper vertically or horizontally.
    - The printed wallpaper can be glued to the picture without a joint width of up to 1.30 m, and later it can be linked vertically or horizontally with the image.
    - The offer is based on dimensions sent by phone or E-mail.
    - The delivery will be made via courier or postpaid with payment.
    - For information, price offers or technical data contact us.

    - All images are placed on the website for informational purposes only.

    - Wallpaper after printing can vary insignificantly from sample to color or hue.

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